Sewage decolorization


  • Obvious effect of ozone decolorization

  • Ozone has strong oxidative bleaching

  • Ozone can kill algae in the water

  • Does not increase soluble solids

  • Sewage decolorization

The principle of ozone sewage decolorization:

 Ozone has strong oxidizing properties, and its oxidation performance is second only to F2. The principle of ozone decolorization is achieved by using strong oxidizing properties. Ozone can oxidize a variety of organic and inorganic substances, and remove poisons that are sensitive to the high oxidation activity of ozone, such as phenols, benzene rings, cyanides, sulfides, nitrites, iron, manganese, organic nitrogen compounds, etc. It can also remove COD and TOC that are not easily removed by other methods.

   Ozone has a strong oxidative bleaching effect, which can significantly reduce the chroma of water; in application examples, ozone can not only kill algae in the water, but also play a role in scale and corrosion inhibition. Ozone is a "green environmental protection agent" and will never cause the treated water to produce odor and odor, increase soluble solids, and cause no secondary pollution.

   Because of the strong disinfection effect of ozone, there is no need to add other disinfection procedures in the sewage treatment process, thus reducing the design, engineering and operation costs accordingly.

ozone sewage decolorization

Advantages of ozone sewage decolorization:

Judging from many actual use cases, ozone has obvious decolorization effect on sewage, and the later use cost is low. Ozone is generated by high-voltage discharge of oxygen, and can be automatically decomposed into oxygen in a natural state. If the residual ozone is too high, an ozone tail gas treatment device can also be equipped to meet the requirements of green emissions.

   As for the color and taste caused by humus, the average water color is 10 degrees. Up to 20 degrees. Such chromaticity cannot meet the water quality standard for sufficient removal by the general coagulation precipitation and sand filtration process, and may even exceed the worst standard. After ozone treatment, the chromaticity can be reduced to below 1 degree. Generally, the coloring of tap water is caused by excessive iron and manganese content. If these metals are in a free state, they can be fully removed by conventional methods. If the raw water contains humus, chromium salt is sometimes formed, and it is quite difficult to deal with it conventionally. Therefore, decolorization is also an important factor in the introduction of ozone treatment.

Product Selection


  • Ozone leaves no residual, so only ozone injection is necessary. No second chemical for quenching is necessary.

  • Ozone is produced on site from renewable resources and requires no chemical storage.

  • Ozone is clean, safe, and reliable, taking up less space, and less equipment than many chemical treatment/storage systems.

  • Using ozone saves money by eliminating on-going chemical costs.

  • zone is effective on wastewater with TDS and TSS levels that may not be acceptable with UV disinfection. Therefore, filtration will not be necessary for ozone use in many wastewater applications.

  • Fewer secondary by-products like tri-halomethones (THM's) are formed with the use of ozone.

Products for Air Treatment

Below are the essential ozone generator products and its accessories required for Air Treatment

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