Oxygen cone for fish farm


 Oxygen cone is  a kind of equipment that add oxygen which in water. It's body using FRP high strength material. Obvious effects of increasing oxygen than similar products. With pure oxygen generating equipment (or oxygen bomb) and other circulating water aquaculture, aquaculture of ultrahigh density may be provide high dissolved oxygen water. 

Product research and development purpose       


 It's more and more popular because of the circulating water aquaculture, aquaculture density is higher and higher, which in turn is becoming more and more high to the requirement of dissolved oxygen concentration values. To 35 kg/cubic South America white shrimp breeding density, for example, oxygen should be at least 16 mg/L above can meet the needs of fish. The dissolved oxygen value does not include the chemical oxygen demand (cod) in the water, and other biological oxygen demand (cod) and so on. Because of the high density of aquaculture water body contains a lot of bait before and remove the fish waste and other organic matter, the organic matter decomposition will consume large amounts of oxygen. The traditional way of increasing oxygen such as air aeration have been unable to reach this level. Using pure oxygen through a powerful way to increase the water dissolved oxygen has become the urgent needs of the market.

Product structure                                                                      

Oxygen cone is made of  glass fiber reinforced plastic (high strength glass fiber composite resin) spray melting winding. Present the small under large pyramidal structure. In and out of the water use PVC flange connection. The bottom outlet and the observation window.


Method of use                                                                            
Oxygen cone is a special kind of pressure vessel. Its main function is under the condition of gas-liquid mix, increasing pressure to force to overcome the surface tension of the water gas and passive dissolution. So oxygen cone to form a complete set of equipment, such as booster pump, jet device to use. Air using oxygen generator and oxygen bomb oxygen purity (greater than 90%)

The factors influencing water dissolved oxygen value         

 Similar to the solubility of a gas in the water, the solubility of oxygen in the water first related to temperature, pressure, etc. Once again, is associated with the way of gas-liquid mixing. And under the condition of normal pressure, the traditional way of increasing oxygen will make the water dissolved oxygen has a limit. If is to use air as gas source, dissolved oxygen will further restrictions. Using the industrial pure oxygen (purity over 90%) increase the dissolved oxygen efficiency greatly. Oxygen cone and pure oxygen combination use, reusing principle of jet oxygen and water mix. Present index in gas liquid contact area times the level increases, the increase of water pressure. The water dissolved oxygen further consolidated and strengthened.

Advantages of Oxygen cone

Oxygen cone for fish farm

High saturation efficiency and Robust construction

Oxygen cone for fish farm

Easy installation/Decrease energy consume/Endurance

Oxygen cone for fish farm

Aeration effect is obviously better than others




Diameter of Flange Inlet / output


Designed Maximum water flow


Measuring air pressure (PSI) 




Dissolved oxygen rate under temperature 20℃ ( KG/H)


Dissolved oxygen concentration of water outlet (mg/L) 


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