Commercial ozone machine 30G

Mult-Function Air and Water Treatment Commercial Ozone Machine

Commercial ozone machine 30G Functions 

1. Sterilization: destroy variety of bacteria & viruses efficiently without secondary pollution.

2. Detoxification: effectively remove the residual pesticides from vegetables and fruits. 

3. Deodorization: eliminate mould, smoke etc. 

4. Oxygen increasing: improve the oxygen level for air and water. 

5. Health: air purification, expedite human metabolism.


 High efficiency water purification Commercial ozone machine

After ozone reaches a certain concentration, it can be sterilized within seconds.Source microorganisms whose water purification capacity is mainly used for efficient treatment of fish pond water.Use barreled water to make high-concentration water to rinse the floor of the farm. Treat drinking water for poultry


Must choose Commercial ozone machine reliable quality

Commercial ozone machine 30g built in Domestic Patent High purity Ceramic /Quartz ozone tube with power supply.Industria Ozone generator built in oil free air pump as feeding air source to produce ozone gas.Digital Ammeter for showing circuit with ozone regulated.Ozone output could be regulated based customer’s demand


Advantages of Commercial ozone machine

Commercial ozone machine 30G


high purity material quartz tube corrosion resistance,no leakage of ozone gas,more secure and stable, SS 316L of internal electrode, teflon connections which are best anti-oxidation material for ensuring several years running.Commercial ozone machine 30G for ozone water and air disinfection.

Commercial ozone machine 30G

LCD Voltage/Ammeter

The internal current and voltage of the Commercial ozone machine 30G are large, and the sensitivity of the traditional pointer instrument panel is lower than that of the digital liquid crystal meter. It cannot accurately monitor whether the internal current/voltage of the machine is abnormal, whether there are hidden dangers, and accurately control the state of the machine, making the sterilization work safer and more reliable.

Commercial ozone machine 30G

316L ozone outlet

 Commercial ozone machine 30G with air outlet is stable, and the connecting tube can be suitable for water treatment, detoxification of fruits and vegetables, and can also be space sterilized. Multifunctional features. large air flow 45LPM, Rapid spread,high pressure,adapt to air purification &  water treatment, stable and durable.

Can be Used in Various Applications

Our Commercial ozone machine 30g can safely be used in the different places like any Waiting Halls in Hospital, Public Places, Gym, Cafeteria, Theatre, Hotel Corridors, Super Markets, Meat & Fish Shops to maintain the good air quality.At the same time, Can Used in water treatment systems for swimming pools, fish ponds, sewage, etc.

Swimming pool water treatment

The body of the swimmer is in direct contact with the pool water, and the pool water will enter the mouth of the person. If the pool water is unhygienic, it will cause diseases such as eyes, ears, nose, throat, skin, and digestive organs. In severe cases, there will be malignant infections. At the same time, the pool water will also be contaminated by the bacteria carried by the swimmers themselves, so the pool must be disinfected regularly. Use Commercial ozone machine 30G to disinfect swimming pool water, with strong sterilization power, fast speed, no secondary pollutants, and rapid reduction to oxygen. ozone water machine can effectively reduce pollutants in water and reduce by-products of chlorinated organic pollutants.Protect the health of swimmers.

Sewage water treatment

The Commercial ozone machine 30G for sewage treatment adopts an oxygen system or liquid oxygen as the gas source, and the ozone concentration is as high as 80-120mg/L, which can perform pre-oxidation and deep oxidation treatment on various domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, agricultural sewage and medical wastewater. , Disinfection, sterilization, decolorization, deodorization, COD reduction, etc.

Fish pond water treatment

The ozone produced by the Commercial ozone machine 30G is a very strong oxidant, and it has also been well applied in the fields of improving water quality and water disinfection. Ozone has a strong sterilization and disinfection and water purification effect, and it is non-toxic and harmless. It is the most ideal sterilization and purification agent in aquaculture and seedling production. It is important for preventing and controlling biological diseases such as fish, shrimp and other biological diseases, and improving the ecological environment of aquaculture. 

Food processing plants

The purpose of applying Commercial ozone machine 30G in the disinfection work of food factories has three aspects: one is sterilization and disinfection to kill microorganisms; the other is deodorization and purification, oxidative decomposition of organic or inorganic pollutants; the third is the preservation function, which decomposes the metabolites of fruits and vegetables and inhibits after-ripening process.

Cold storage

Ozone can play a role in keeping fresh, because it can slow down the metabolic process, delay post-cooking and aging, and this is achieved by ozone decomposing ethylene gas. Ozone can effectively control this process, quickly oxidize and decompose ethylene, and finally produce carbon dioxide and water. Ozone has played an important role in prolonging the storage period of fruits and vegetables.


ELECTRICAL RATING220V/110V, 50/60Hz, 481 Watts
Air flow90L/MIN
USE FORResidential / Commercial/industrial
DIMENSION (L x W x H)42*26*109 in cm
WEIGHT kgs25 kg

Successful Installations

Our Commercial ozone machine are used in many places. The following are some customer cases. The deodorizing effect and bacteria removal effect are recognized by customers.

Professional Innovation Leader

We Ozonegreenplant ,Professional Supplier of Ozone generator technology in Water and Air system.All our products have passed CE certification and obtained export qualifications. Engineers with more than 10 years of relevant ozone industry experience, successfully serving Industries viz., Agriculture, Aquaculture, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Consumer & Government Projects etc., Our products are exported to 50+ countries.The quality and stability of the products are well received by customers.We will continue to improve the quality of products and maintain stability.
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