Home ozone machine 500mg

Why use Best Home ozone machine for odors?

Statistics show that about 2 million people worldwide get sick from pesticide pollution every year, and the death toll is as high as 40,000. The greatest harm of pesticide residues is chronic poisoning, which leads to carcinogenesis, teratogenesis and mutation. The probability of pesticide poisoning in children is four times that of adults, and as long as three parts per million of gram remains, children before the age of 7 will have brain development disorders.(Best Home ozone machine for odors)

 At present, Fruit and vegetable detoxification Home ozone machine becomes inevitable nowadays due to Fruit and vegetable pesticide residue hazards in the water. Therefore, the use of ozone disinfection machine is an inevitable trend of healthy life!

OGP-108J series Best Home ozone machine for odors , an innovative creation of ozonegreenplant which doses activated oxygen on periodic intervals to maintain good air quality throughout the day and eliminates any kind of bacteria, virus including corona, germs, airborne pathogens and other contaminants present in the air through activated oxygen. It breaks the shell walls of the viruses and make it ineffective through ozone disinfection technology.

1.Degradation of residual pesticide residues of fruit and vegetables, kill surface bacteria.

2.Dispel the food additives and hormones of meat

3.Effectively eliminate indoor smoke smell, the smell of paint and other peculiar smell 

4.Disinfection of daily living things 

Best Home ozone machine for odors

Purify And Maintain Fresh Air and water

Best Home ozone machine for odors releases ozone gas, Ozone gas kills bacteria, viruses, odours and decoration formaldehyde harmful gas and other contaminants in the air and disappers rapidy. After Best Home ozone machine for odors can reduce ozone to oxygen in 30 minutes, will not cause secondary pollution to the environment , Healthy and environmentally friendly

Best Home ozone machine for odors

Must choose a silent and safe Best Home ozone machine for odors

Our newly developed silentBest Home ozone machine for odors is suitable for use in homes, hotels, schools, hospitals and other places without affecting other people. It does not require any consumables, is healthy and environmentally friendly, and fundamentally solves harmful gases such as bacteria and formaldehyde.

Best Home ozone machine for odors

Best Home ozone machine for odors

Advantages of Best Home ozone machine

Home ozone machine 500mg

Ozone outlet

Connect the silicone tube for disinfection and sterilization, and space purification does not need to be connected

Home ozone machine 500mg

Recyclable mode

Adjustable cycle time, optional interval within 30~360 minute

Home ozone machine 500mg

Wall design

There is a wall hole on the back, which can be fixed to the wall, saving space


ELECTRICAL RATING220V/110V, 50/60Hz, 18 Watts
Ozone density1000mg/h OR 500mg/h
USE FORHome air and water
DIMENSION (L x W x H)170*240*70 in mm
WEIGHT kgs1.08 kg

Successful Installations

Our Best Home ozone machine for odors are used in many places. The following are some customer cases. The deodorizing effect and bacteria removal effect are recognized by customers.

Professional Innovation Leader

We Ozonegreenplant ,Professional Supplier of Ozone generator technology in Water and Air system.All our products have passed CE certification and obtained export qualifications. Engineers with more than 10 years of relevant ozone industry experience, successfully serving Industries viz., Agriculture, Aquaculture, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Consumer & Government Projects etc., Our products are exported to 50+ countries.The quality and stability of the products are well received by customers.We will continue to improve the quality of products and maintain stability.
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