Cold storage


  • Kill microorganisms and disinfect

  • Achieve a 50% reduction in spoilage

  • Deodorization and purification

  • Inhibit the ripening process-keep fresh

  • inhibit the growth of mold

       Ozone has the effect of sterilization and disinfection. The chemical properties of ozone have strong oxidizing power and are easily decomposed. It is an allotrope of oxygen O2, with the same constituent elements and very different forms and properties. It can be used directly on food and has excellent performance without residual pollution. It is widely used in the food industry.

  The purpose of applying ozone in the food industry has three aspects: one is to kill microorganisms-sterilization; the other is to oxidize and decompose organic or inorganic pollutants-deodorization and purification; the third is to decompose the metabolites of fruits and vegetables, inhibit the ripening process-keep fresh.

   The application basis of the three aspects all depend on the strong oxidizing performance of O3 and its unstable and easy-to-decompose characteristics.


   Ozone is a gas disinfectant, and its sterilization process is a strong oxidation reaction to cause a variety of components in microbial cells to react, resulting in irreversible changes and death. It is generally believed that ozone inactivation of viruses is accomplished by directly destroying their ribonucleic acid (RNA) or deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) substances. To kill bacteria and mold microorganisms is that ozone first acts on the cell membrane, causing damage to the membrane components, causing metabolic disorders and inhibiting their growth. Ozone continues to penetrate and destroy the tissues in the membrane until it is killed. The increase in humidity increases the killing rate because the cell membrane expands and becomes thinner under high humidity, and its tissue is easily destroyed by ozone.

   2.deodorization and purification

   Ozone has excellent odor removal performance. Relying on its oxidizing properties, it can quickly decompose organic or inorganic substances that produce odors and other odors. Ozone oxidizes and decomposes, and the product has no smell.

   3.keep fresh

   The application of ozone in the storage of vegetables and fruits not only has the effect of killing or inhibiting the growth of mold and preventing rot, but also has the effect of preventing aging and keeping fresh. The mechanism is that ozone can oxidize and decompose the ripening agent-ethylene gas C2H4 breathed out by the physiological metabolism of fruits and vegetables. The reaction process is as follows: H2C-CH2+O3→C2H4O+O2→CO2+H2O

   ethylene intermediate product C2H4O also has an inhibitory effect on microorganisms such as molds.

       Application of ozone disinfection machine in cold storage preservation

       cold storage disinfection

       The main source of biological pollution in cold storage is mold. Because it survives under low temperature conditions, it has a strong tolerance to disinfectants. Under the action of ozone 12ppm for 3-4 hours, the ungerminated spores with strong resistance are all killed. .

   High-temperature cold storage for storing eggs, fruits and vegetables pays more attention to the disinfection of empty storage. Cold storage disinfection requires an ozone concentration of 6-10ppm. After shutting down the warehouse for more than 24 hours, the bacteria killing rate is about 90%, and the mold killing rate is about 80%. At this time, the sterilization process is longer. The number of microorganisms is still declining after 48 hours of shutdown, and the ozone has already been decomposed. Therefore, the ozone disinfection time is required to be arranged one week before the purchase.

Product Selection


  • Ozone is a highly effective and fast fungicide

  • Degradable pesticide residues

  • Ozone is reduced to oxygen and water without leaving any residue

  • The half-life of ozone is very short, only 20 minutes

  • The pesticide residues can be removed by more than 95%, no nutrients are lost, and the preservation time is long

  • Reduce the harm of pollution to humans

Products for Air Treatment

Below are the essential ozone generator products and its accessories required for Air Treatment

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