20G ozone for swimming pool


  • Ozone improves water clarity

  • Ozone is highly safe

  • Effectively prevent the spread of disease

  • Environmentally Friendly Green Fungicide

  • Decompose organic matter in water

Customer actual case: Swimming pool water ozone disinfection system design:

In the picture, 20g ozone with oxygen generator is used with a gas-liquid mixing pump. With ORP function on the device. Control and detect the residual ozone concentration in the water at any time. This equipment handles a 20-ton swimming pool system. The customer is very satisfied with the installation of our system and believes that the ozone concentration can reach at least 50mg/L, which can work continuously and stably.

1. Full-flow ozone disinfection system: the entire circulating flow is fully mixed with the added ozone, and contact reaction. It not only guarantees the disinfection effect, but also can guarantee the water quality of the pool. However, this method has many equipments (in addition to the filter, there are also mixers, reaction tanks and residual ozone adsorption filters, etc.), the investment is increased, the effect is good, and it is suitable for large swimming pools.

Its characteristics: the total circulating water in the swimming pool, after sand filtration, inject 0.8-1.0mg/L o3 through the reaction tank for contact reaction, and then enter the activated carbon to filter and adsorb residual ozone, other impurities and odors, and then return to the swimming pool.

2. Split-flow ozone disinfection system: only 15-25% of the circulating volume is added with ozone for disinfection, and then the mainstream circulating water volume that is not added with ozone is mixed, diluted, and the remaining ozone in the split-stream disinfection water is used to continue the disinfection. The disinfection method reduces the volume of the reaction tank and eliminates the residual ozone adsorption filter, thereby reducing the floor space, reducing investment, reducing operating costs, and ensuring the disinfection and sterilization effect. This disinfection method does not add much equipment, and Small in size, suitable for the renovation of the original swimming pool and the use of small swimming pools.

 Its characteristics: usually use the jet device installed on the side flow pipe to mix ozone into the water. In order to ensure the water inlet pressure of the jet device, a pipeline booster pump is installed on the side flow pipe. The mixed liquid of water and ozone after the ejector enters the reaction tank from the upper side and is fully in contact with the water from the lower side to connect with the main pipeline of the swimming pool circulating water. The water in the bypass pipe is disinfected under the ozone concentration and then mixes with the water in the main pipe to produce an oxidation reaction.

20G ozone generator for swimming pool

The role of ozone generator in swimming pool:

1. Ozone has the strongest bactericidal and virus-inactivating effects, which can effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Experiments have shown that the same concentration of ozone is 600-3000 times more effective than chlorine in killing bacteria and viruses. When the ozone concentration is 1 mg/L, the inactivation of fecal E. coli only takes 5 seconds, and it takes 15,000 secondsto achieve the same effect with the same concentration of chlorine.

2. Ozone is a recognized environmentally friendly green fungicide, which will not cause any secondary pollution to the environment, and chlorine preparations will react with organic matter in the water to generate a variety of chlorinated organic compounds, such as chloroform, chloroform, etc., all of which are It is recognized as a carcinogenic mutant. When people swim or bathe, these toxic substances will be absorbed by the body (the body can absorb 500ml of water per hour in water). Chlorinated organic compounds in water can also irritate people's eyes and skin, causing red eyes and skin rashes.

3. Ozone is a strong oxidant, which can effectively decompose the humus in the water, oxidize the iron and manganese ions in the water, and decompose the tiny organisms that scatter light in the water, thereby improving the clarity of the water and making the water appear beautiful blue. No secondary effect. In order to make the water blue, the swimming pool using chlorine preparations often need to add copper sulfate, which is extremely harmful to the human body.

4. Under certain conditions of use, such as counter-current, no activated carbon filter tank, no need to add chlorine agents, flocculants, PH regulators, ozone can be used as a water treatment agent.

Product Selection


  • It is theoretically feasible to adopt the swimming pool water treatment and disinfection method by directly adding ozone;

  • The main contact reaction area of the non-ozone disinfection method is in the swimming pool.

  • All ozone is free active molecules and can play a disinfection effect;

  • Because ozone decays in water and air, and its half-life is short, no accumulation of ozone concentration occurs;

  • The solubility of ozone in water is far greater than the dosage of ozone.

  • The ozone in the water will not be precipitated in large quantities and will not cause harm to the human body.

  • In order to prevent ozone from harming the human body,

  • the traditional ozone disinfection method stipulates the residual concentration of ozone in the water;

  • in the non-ozone disinfection method, in order to ensure the disinfection effect of ozone,

  • the residual concentration of ozone should be specified, and the ozone concentration should not be lower than 0.05ppm.

Products for Air Treatment

Below are the essential ozone generator products and its accessories required for Air Treatment

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