Wastewater Disinfection


  • Ozone leaves no residual,

  • Ozone is clean, safe, and reliable

  • Taking up less space, and less equipment

  • Ozone Effects on Specific Bacteria, Viruses

  • Suspended solids  be removed or reduced

  • Ozone is an effective disinfectant 

Wastewater Disinfection

The use of ozone for wastewater disinfection has been growing in popularity due to strict regulations on fecal coliform and other pathogens. As chemical costs rise, ozone becomes a more cost effective solution for wastewater disinfection. Ozone can be produced on site using oxygen from the ambient air. Only electrical power is required for operation.

When discharge limits on pathogens are lowered, the natural solution is to add additional chemicals to meet these new limits. Adding more chemicals to a wastewater stream effluent for disinfection may seem like an easy solution at first; however, in many cases these chemicals must then be removed from the effluent wastewater prior to discharge due to limits on these chemicals. For example, if chlorine is used for the reduction of E.coli the chlorine must be removed using de-chlorination prior to wastewater discharge. If 20% more chlorine is required to meet the new wastewater discharge limits, 20% de-chlorination must also be applied to this water. Over time, these costs can really add up.

Effect of Ozone on Bacteria

Ozone's reactive properties allow it to quickly kill bacteria. In fact, ozone is ten times stronger than chlorine as a disinfectant.

Ozone is a green solution

Ozone is a green solution to wastewater disinfection. Ozone is produced on site and is all natural, formed from only oxygen. No by-products or waste products are formed in the creation of ozone.

· The use of ozone eliminates the need to transport chemicals to the site.

· Ozone is produced on-site from air and electricity, all renewable resources.

· Ozone is a completely renewable resource.

· Potential hazardous storage of chemical is removed with ozone use.

· After ozone is dissolved into water, ozone reverts to oxygen leaving no residual in the water.

Information about Ozone Disinfection and Contact Time Kinetics

History of Ozone and Wastewater Disinfection

Ozone used for wastewater disinfection became popular early on when the widespread use of ozone gained popularity in the 1970's and 1980's. Due to lack of equipment reliability and rising costs, the use of ozone almost completely disappeared from this application. In recent years however, ozone is getting another chance in many locations across the USA and Europe. This is partly due to improvement in equipment reliability and lower cost; however, the main reason for this revival is the secondary benefits that ozone offers along with the increased costs of chemicals creating an economic advantage.

Product Selection


  • Ozone leaves no residual, so only ozone injection is necessary. No second chemical for quenching is necessary.

  • Ozone is produced on site from renewable resources and requires no chemical storage.

  • Ozone is clean, safe, and reliable, taking up less space, and less equipment than many chemical treatment/storage systems.

  • Using ozone saves money by eliminating on-going chemical costs.

  • zone is effective on wastewater with TDS and TSS levels that may not be acceptable with UV disinfection. Therefore, filtration will not be necessary for ozone use in many wastewater applications.

  • Fewer secondary by-products like tri-halomethones (THM's) are formed with the use of ozone.

Products for Air Treatment

Below are the essential ozone generator products and its accessories required for Air Treatment

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