Ozone Aquaculture


  • Disinfection and odor removal

  • Purified water quality

  • Effectively contain seedling diseases

  • Inhibit algae reproduction

  • Increase dissolved oxygen in water

  • Fish and shrimp reduce mortality

Ozone Aquaculture Introduction

Ozone Aquaculture Industry

l Factory farming -- high input, high density, automated monitoring with all equipment

l High density farming -- medium investment, high density

l Nursery -- Shrimp or parent fish (nurture the next generation)

l Seafood aquaculture temporarily -- mainly seafood restaurants, seafood transport

l Aquarium-- large shopping malls, Ocean Park and the aquarium

Questions guide to get information of your farm

— What’s the breed of farming?

Answer: Carp, Shrimp, or Tilapia etc.a

— What’s the breeding stage ?

Answer: Nursery, Marking strong, Commodity

— What’s the density of farming ?

Answer: 50kg/cubic meter, 80kg/cubic meter.

— What’s the amount water capacity of farming?

Answer: 700cubic meter fresh water / sea water

— What’s the quantity and size of the fish tank ?

— What’s the water? sea water or fresh water

— What’s the water flow rate ?

Ozone Aquaculture Recommended Equipments

— Drum filter


— Protein skimmer


— Ozone generator

— UV sterilizer

— Sand filter

— Biological filter

— Oxygen concentrator

Ozone Aquaculture System Design


Product Selection


  • Reduce secondary pollution caused by the use of drugs, can reduce mortality

  • Add ozone regularly every day to track and purify water quality

  • Can maintain the mineral elements contained in the water that are beneficial to the seedlings

  • Eliminate bacterial viruses introduced by feed

  • The water in the pool is clear and does not smell

  • The role of sterilization and decomposition of pollutants

  • Inhibit algae reproduction and increase dissolved oxygen in water

Products for Air Treatment

Below are the essential ozone generator products and its accessories required for Air Treatment

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