Swimming Pool


  • 100% chemical free pool

  • No eye and skin irritation

  • No hair loss

  • Crystal clear bluish water

  • Feels like spring water every time

After adding the chlorine preparation, it will inevitably cause the pH value of the water to change, making people feel uncomfortable, so it is necessary to add alkaline or acidic substances to neutralize.

Ozone is a neutral substance and does not cause such problems. Ozone can ensure the stability of the water quality during high passenger flow and high temperature seasons. When the temperature and passenger flow are large, the water quality is often poor. At this time, if a chlorine preparation is used, it needs to be added in large quantities, which will bring a series of side effects, such as Changes in pH, secondary stress on the respiratory tract and human body, etc.;

However, large amounts of ozone do not have this side effect.

The use of swimming pool ozone generator can greatly reduce the difficulty of management and operation of the water treatment process. At the same time, the swimming pool ozone generator has high safety, and the chlorine preparation has certain risks during transportation, storage and use.

Ozone can decompose organic matter in water and has micro-flocculation, so under normal passenger flow, no flocculant can be used. Under certain conditions of use, such as counter-current circulation, without the use of activated carbon filter tanks, there is no need to add chlorine preparations, flocculants, pH adjusters, and ozone can be used as a water treatment agent.

Product Selection


  • Fast response and low investment

  • Ozone can quickly kill bacteria in water

  • Spores\viruses have both sterilization and inactivation effects at very low ozone concentrations

  • The half-life of ozone is very short, only 20 minutes

  • It can destroy organic matter in water, improve water quality, and carry out decolorization and deodorization.

  • Make the water azure blue without changing the natural nature of the water.

Products for Air Treatment

Below are the essential ozone generator products and its accessories required for Air Treatment

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