Hospital sewage treatment


  • It can kill all bacteria quickly 

  • COD degradation can be carried out on sewage 

  • It can deodorize and decolorize sewage 

  • After treatment, it will not pollute the environment

Compared with general urban domestic sewage, the composition and discharge of hospital wastewater are much more complicated. Hospital wastewater contains a large number of pathogenic microorganisms, and its toxic and harmful physical and chemical pollutants and radioactive pollution are higher than those of ordinary sewage. It has the characteristics of space pollution, acute infection and latent infection. If it is directly discharged into urban sewer without effective disinfection treatment, it will cause environmental pollution and water pollution. In severe cases, it will become an important way for the spread of epidemics, causing various diseases and infectious diseases, seriously endangering people's health. According to the current standards, hospital wastewater treatment mainly includes three parts: wastewater pretreatment, physicochemical or biochemical treatment and disinfection. Disinfection of hospital wastewater is an important process of hospital wastewater treatment, and its purpose is to kill all kinds of pathogenic bacteria in wastewater. At present, the commonly used disinfection techniques for hospital wastewater disinfection include chlorine disinfection, oxidant disinfection, radiation disinfection and so on. All kinds of disinfection methods have shortcomings. The following focuses on the application of ozone technology in oxidant disinfection process in hospital wastewater treatment. Ozone, with the molecular formula of O3, has a special pungent odor, and is internationally recognized as a green and environment-friendly disinfectant. Ozone produces monatomic oxygen and hydroxyl with strong oxidation ability in water, and hydroxyl has strong killing effect on various pathogenic microorganisms, while monatomic oxygen has strong oxidation ability and strong killing ability on various viruses and bacteria. At present, ozone disinfection is widely used in the disinfection of urban water supply, urban sewage, purified water and mineral water, and in the space disinfection of food industry and pharmaceutical industry. Ozone disinfection has the advantages of quick response and less dosage; Strong adaptability, ozone disinfection performance is stable in the range of pH 5.6 ~ 9.8 and water temperature 0 ~ 37℃, which is not affected by ammonia nitrogen content and pH value in wastewater; No secondary pollution; It can improve the physical and sensory properties of water, and has the functions of decolorizing and deodorizing. Ozone can improve the quality of sewage and is an excellent disinfectant. But the disadvantage is that it has no continuous disinfection function and can only be produced and used on site. Ozone technology is applied to the process of hospital wastewater. Ozone corona discharge is generally used to release ozone, and ozone is used to disinfect hospital wastewater, which can effectively kill viruses such as Escherichia coli and poliomyelitis in wastewater. At present, ozone disinfection is generally applied to the secondary treatment of hospital wastewater, which can not only reduce the dosage of ozone, but also reduce the investment cost and operation cost of equipment. In addition, because ozone is a strong oxidant, the higher the concentration, the more harmful it is to the contact articles, and the direct contact is harmful to human body, so it should be avoided when using it. If one ton of water is treated every hour, it should be equipped with our ozone machine 30g plus 10L oxygen generator. The following is the site diagram of the equipment used by our customers for hospital sewage treatment.


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