Drinking Water


  • Strongest in disinfection

  • Removes odours, colours and toxins

  • Oxidizes metals and organic matter

  • Ozone increases shelf life

  • Improves taste of the water

In the production of drinking pure water, although the water treated by the reverse osmosis device is basically sterile, the bottle (barrel) and lid as a packaging material will more or less bring part of the bacteria, and the purified water itself does not resist the bacteria The ability of ozone must use the characteristics of ozone to make the ozone concentration in the water reach 0.5mg/L or more, so as to have a good hysteretic sterilization effect on packaging materials, so as to greatly reduce the possibility of hygienic quality problems.

The role of ozone in drinking water

1. Sterilization

2. Eliminate algae

3. Degrade phenol, benzene, cyanide, sulfide, and remove iron and manganese ions.

4. Decolorization and reduce turbidity

5. Remove odor and increase taste

6. Reducing the consumption of chlorine is beneficial to health

7. Remove pesticide residues and detoxify

Product Selection


  • Ozone has stronger oxidative disinfection ability than traditional chlorine agent

  • Can be thoroughly sterilized and disinfected, and can degrade harmful components contained in water

  • Removal of impurities such as heavy metal ions and various organic substances

  • The half-life of ozone is very short, only 20 minutes

  • Ozone can be decomposed into oxygen by itself without secondary pollution

  • Ozone-treated water is colorless and odorless, with good taste and can improve water quality

Products for Air Treatment

Below are the essential ozone generator products and its accessories required for Air Treatment

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