Air Treatment


  • Oxidizes smoke & odour instantly

  • Sterilize bacteria, virus & molds

  • Pleasant ambience

  • Prevent health effects

  • Reduced outside air demand

Ozone, when introduced into the atmosphere in low levels is an excellent air purifier. When an ozone molecule contacts a pollutant, it attaches itself to it and changes its molecular structure in most cases to carbon dioxide and hydrogen. By destroying viruses, bacteria and other microbiological contaminants, the source of the odour is eliminated and the odour does not return. Ozone destroys the contaminant molecule; it does not mask it as other methods do. Ozone treats all of the air, not just the air that is pulled into it as do the vast majority of electronic filters that are on the market today.

Product Selection


  • Destroys all kinds of odour, including factory fumes, chemicals, decayed body or as basic as kitchen residues

  • Eradicates all kinds of bacteria, viruses and other micro organisms to sanitize the place

  • Eliminates odour through a natural purifying process

  • Removes allergy causing pollens, microbes, molds and mildews

  • The process of purification is completely natural without any chemicals

  • High speed blower to cover long distance

  • Eliminates odour without producing any hazardous byproduct

  • Its natures own purifying process

  • Compact - Handheld - Wall Mountable devices

Products for Air Treatment

Below are the essential ozone generator products and its accessories required for Air Treatment

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We Ozonegreenplant ,Professional Supplier of Ozone generator technology in Water and Air system.All our products have passed CE certification and obtained export qualifications. Engineers with more than 10 years of relevant ozone industry experience, successfully serving Industries viz., Agriculture, Aquaculture, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Consumer & Government Projects etc., Our products are exported to 50+ countries.The quality and stability of the products are well received by customers.We will continue to improve the quality of products and maintain stability.
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