Common faults and maintenance of ozonizer machine

Author:Ozonegreenplant Publish Time: 2020-08-10

Abstract: The ozonizer machine is a high-power electrical appliance, so you must pay attention to maintenance when using it, otherwise it will shorten the service life of the machine. When the ozonizer machine fails, check the failure step by step. For example, the voltage regulator is not properly regulated. First, check if the regulator fuse is intact, and then check if the regulator connector is secure. When maintaining the ozonizer machine, you must pay attention to the method.

How to troubleshoot common faults of ozonizer machine

1. Abnormal voltage regulation of the voltage regulator: Check whether the fuse of the voltage regulator is intact and whether the connector of the voltage regulator is firm.

2. The transformer does not support step-up: check whether the high-voltage connector of the transformer is secure.

3. The ammeter current is too large: check whether the flow of the flow meter is normal and whether the gas source is normal.

4. Moisture in the drying system: it indicates that the desiccant has expired.

5. Leakage of high-pressure porcelain bottle: replace the high-pressure porcelain bottle.

6. Insufficient production of ozone discharge tube: it means that the discharge tube is out of date and must be replaced.

7. Abnormal switching of the solenoid valve: replace the solenoid valve.

8. The high-voltage wiring pile head of the ozone discharge tube is damaged: replace the damaged pile head.

9. The exciter of the ozonizer machine does not work: first check the circuit associated with the ozonizer machine. If the circuit voltage is normal, the exciter may be faulty and needs to be replaced.

10. There is no spark when the ozonizer machine is working: if the exciter is normal, the two high-voltage output lines will produce high-voltage sparks, but they will not be there after the glass tube is installed. This is because the ozonizer machine is leaking or aging, and it should be replaced with a new one. .

Common faults and maintenance of ozonizer machine

How to properly maintain the ozonizer machine

1. The ozonizer machine should always be placed in a dry and well-ventilated clean environment, and the shell should be reliably grounded. The working environment temperature should be 4℃-35℃, the relative humidity should be 50%-85%, and there should be no condensation.

2. The maintenance and maintenance of the ozonizer machine must be carried out without electricity and pressure, and the machine must not be cleaned with electricity.

3. Regularly check whether the electrical parts are damp, whether the insulation is good (especially the high-voltage part), and whether the grounding is good.

4. If it is found or suspected that the ozonizer machine is damp, conduct an insulation test on the machine and take drying measures. Must ensure that the insulation is good,To activate the power button.

5. Regularly check whether the vents are unobstructed and whether they are covered. Do not block or cover the ventilation openings.

6. Ozone is easy to decompose into oxygen and release heat under normal temperature and pressure. Therefore, the continuous use time of ozonizer machine should generally not exceed 4 hours each time.

7. After using the ozonizer machine for a period of time, you should open the shield and carefully remove the dust from it with alcohol cotton. Please cut off the power supply for long-term shutdown. Use caution in flammable and explosive places, otherwise an explosion may occur.