Which type of ozone generator cooling system should be used

Author:Ozonegreenplant Publish Time: 2021-10-21

Why should the ozone generator be cooled?

      The ozone generator is a gas phase reactor with internal heat generation. Because air and other similar gases are poor thermal conductors, the heat formed by corona discharge will increase the gas temperature. Higher temperatures can accelerate the reverse reaction of ozone, namely Ozone is reduced to oxygen, thereby reducing ozone production. Therefore, effective cooling is also a measure to improve the efficiency of the ozone generator.


What kind of cooling method does the ozone generator use? ?

      Effective cooling is also a measure to improve the efficiency of the ozone generator. Since the heat absorption coefficient of water and oil is much greater than that of air, the general industrial ozone generators are water-cooled or oil-cooled because of the convenience of air cooling. It is easy to do, and this form is often used in mini-ozone generators.

     For water-cooled ozone generators, the quality of the cooling water should be considered to prevent scaling of the cooling water, so as not to affect the heat dissipation effect of the ozone generator, thereby reducing ozone production and increasing maintenance costs. For air-cooled ozone generators, the cooling air must be free of moisture, impurities, corrosive, aerosol, oily or conductive substances, and visible dust.

   There are requirements for the running time of the ozone generator and the ozone concentration is stable. It is recommended to use water to cool the ozone generator. This cooling method can work continuously. There is not much requirement for working time, as long as it is convenient and low-cost, an ozone generator with fan heat dissipation mode can be used.