How to choose a household oxygen generators? You must know

Author:Ozonegreenplant Publish Time: 2020-10-20

What factors should be considered when choosing an Household oxygen generator

         Household oxygen generators have become essential equipment for many families. So how do we choose a household oxygen generator? The oxygen generators currently on the market are mainly divided into medical care and medical equipment. Although the principles of the two oxygen generators are basically the same, they have many brands, different qualities, and different functions.


   1. If  Household oxygen generators is performed, the oxygen concentration must exceed 90%, so long-term oxygen therapy can indeed play a supporting role in oxygen therapy. It can be detected by the instrument or oxygen monitoring device together with the machine. The oxygen concentration real-time display function of some brands of oxygen concentrators: real-time display and monitoring of changes in oxygen concentration, through the visual LCD display to let users know whether the oxygen concentration is maintained at 90% at any time

  2. The core component, molecular sieve, directly determines the oxygen production concentration. The better the molecular sieve works, the higher the continuous oxygen concentration and the more stable it is.

  3. Choose a  Household oxygen generators concentrator with the same cumulative timing function to provide an objective basis for future daily maintenance and repair.

  4.  Household oxygen generators Warm oxygen function: equipped with a headset heater, heating at 5℃15℃ to 20℃35℃ to absorb oxygen, to prevent patients from inhaling cold air to stimulate the respiratory tract. Built-in ambient temperature sensor and heating sensor to ensure product safety.  Household oxygen generators are three alarm functions: pressure alarm, temperature alarm, and power failure alarm to ensure that users can safely absorb oxygen.

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  5. Low noise of the whole  Household oxygen generators machine: The operation of the main oxygen generator at any time may affect the normal work and rest of itself and others. Therefore, a low-noise oxygen generator must be selected, and the noise level should be less than 45dB.

  6. The compressor discharge capacity is large enough (3.8-4.2m3/h), otherwise it is easy to wear and tear, and the efficiency will decrease.

  7. Choose household oxygen generators that have been tested for a long time and passed ISO international and CE European quality system certification