The function of ozone oral cavity treatment

Author:Ozonegreenplant Publish Time: 2020-09-14

1. It can be combined with pit and fissure sealing when treating caries

Pit and fissure sealing is a common method to treat dental caries, but traditional methods cannot guarantee whether there are bacteria that cause cavities in the teeth. Even if it is sealed, the bacteria remaining in the cavities will continue to grow and continue to damage the teeth. However, using ozone to sterilize the pits and fissures will instantly kill all bacteria, and there will be no hidden dangers after re-sealing.

2. For the treatment of surface caries

When small caries or small black spots appear on the surface of the tooth, traditional methods cannot be treated, and doctors can only clean the mouth. If it is removed with a dental drill, the degree of damage to the tooth will be greater than the tooth decay and the gain will not be worth the loss. But it can be solved with ozone. Only need to use laser to check the caries first, determine the degree of damage to the caries, and then give the appropriate dose of ozone therapy to eliminate it.

3. It is used for the treatment of dental caries with a deeper degree of cavity

When the dental caries has developed to the degree of cavitation, only through the use of dental drills for treatment, but it will bring greater pain to the patient, especially when this happens to the child, it will also bring mental pressure to the parents. However, using ozone can completely avoid dental drills. As long as the soft tissue on the caries is gently scraped off, then the ozone is used to kill the bacteria, and then professional dental filling treatment is enough. Most cases do not need to use drills.

4. Treatment of caries at the interface between teeth

For tooth decay between the adjacent tooth interface, traditional treatment methods also require dental drills to drill holes, and a large number of good teeth are worn away. When ozone treatment is used, bacteria can be killed as long as the ozone is transported to the interface between adjacent teeth. If the tooth decay is large, it can be filled with professional methods.

The small ones can be left alone.


5. For root canal treatment

The traditional root canalitis treatment method is to open the teeth, extract the nerves and rinse them with drugs, observe for about a week without inflammation, and then do filling and sealing. Although the dental nerve has been extracted, there is still discomfort due to inflammation. At present, as long as the teeth are opened and given 90 seconds of ozone treatment, the problem can be solved. It can be filled and closed immediately.

6. Treat allergic teeth

For allergic teeth, traditional methods cannot be treated, especially for patients who wear crowns who are prone to allergies. When using ozone treatment, simply remove the crown and cover the gums with ozone for 20 seconds. For general allergies, it can be cured once, and for severe allergies, it needs to be done again after six months.

7. Treat oral ulcers

For oral ulcers, traditional methods are still unable to achieve the desired results. When using ozone treatment, you only need to cover the affected area for 30 seconds, and you can heal within two or three days. After a few hours of treatment, you will eat without pain.

8. Treat labial sores

The traditional treatment of this kind of disease usually takes 10 days to get better, and the ozone treatment takes only 40 seconds, and the labial sore will heal the scab within two days. The best time for treatment is three days before the onset of disease, and the treatment effect is best.

9. Used to prevent tooth damage caused by orthodontics

A brace is required during the orthodontic process, which usually takes about one year. However, during this process, the brackets are likely to cause tooth defects, and the joints between the brackets and the teeth will show signs of defects, which affects the appearance. There is no good solution to this with traditional methods. But it can be prevented with ozone. It is best to use ozone to consolidate the contact part between the bracket and the tooth before wearing the brace. If the bracket is already worn, the ozone can also be transported to the contact part for consolidation, so as to prevent the appearance of tooth defects.

10. Prevent child caries

This is also one of the greatest contributions of ozone. When the child has no dental caries or has just developed dental caries, ozone is used for sterilization.

It will prevent the appearance of dental caries. Therefore, parents must take preventive treatment when the child does not have dental caries, so as to ensure that the child has a healthy tooth.