Ozone machine eliminates indoor air pollutants

Author:Ozonegreenplant Publish Time: 2021-03-04

Common indoor air pollutants

1. Pollution of building materials. The plasterboard used in modern architectural decoration breeds bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms;

2. Pollution caused by closed buildings. The fully enclosed building isolates the natural fresh air circulation, and the indoor air is turbid;

3. Pollution caused by dust and organisms accumulated in the ventilation ducts of central air-conditioning. The dark and humid environment promotes the reproduction of bacteria. They may cause sneezing, eye discomfort, coughing, wheezing, dizziness and lack of energy; some are more likely to trigger allergic reactions or asthma.

4. Pollution caused by interior decoration materials and furnishings. The artificial boards, adhesives, paints, carpets, fabrics, chemical fiber fillers and other materials used for decoration will continuously volatilize toxic components into the indoor air. High concentrations of formaldehyde can cause discomfort to the eyes, nose and throat, and bring adverse effects to people. Its time is as long as 5-15 years;

5. Pollution caused by household appliances. Mainly static electricity, microwave radiation;

6. Pollution generated in people's lives. Dandruff, sebum, body odor, microorganisms, cosmetics, detergents, etc. produced by the body's metabolism.

Healthy home, no worries for mother

First, ventilate reasonably, and choose to ventilate after wind and sand;

Second, pay attention to the humidity of the indoor air. Frequently wipe the desktop and objects with a damp cloth, sprinkle water on the ground, or mop the floor with a wet mop to increase humidity and avoid dust;

Third, keep indoor air circulation fresh. Experts recommend the use of an ozone machine. Ozone is a new type of air purification gas, which is not only highly efficient, but also has no secondary pollution. It is an internationally recognized broad-spectrum high-efficiency sterilizer.


Symptoms caused by indoor formaldehyde pollution after renovating the house and buying back new furniture:

1. The room is full of pungent smells for a long time;

2. The human body's immunity is reduced, and it is often easy to catch a cold;

3. Feel uncomfortable and breathless if you don't smoke;

4. There are group skin allergies;

5. The family members share a common disease, but the symptoms get better after leaving home;

6. The cause of long-term infertility of newlyweds cannot be found out, and the pregnant women have normal pregnancy and baby deformities;

7. Women with menstrual disorders, insomnia, dizziness, and fatigue;

8. The child has trouble concentrating and memory loss.

Places with serious formaldehyde hazards

Newly renovated bedrooms, offices, meeting rooms, hotels, KTV rooms, furniture stores, building materials stores, etc.

To prevent the harm of formaldehyde, pay attention to the following points:

1. Pay attention to the detection and purification of indoor air.

2. If the formaldehyde is not cleaned out of the wardrobe made by human Zaoban, you must pay attention to it when using it, and try not to put underwear, pajamas and children's clothing in it. ,

3. Taking some effective purification measures indoors and in the furniture can reduce the harmful gases released by the furniture.


Maybe we can't change the original pollutants, but we can try our best to avoid these pollutants from harming us.

You can choose an ozone machine to remove peculiar smell, sterilization, and formaldehyde, etc., to minimize the damage.

Improve our environment and let us live in a healthy environment.