The difference between oxygen source and air source ozone generator

Author:Ozonegreenplant Publish Time: 2020-08-14

Let me talk about the preparation of ozone 

1. The photochemical ultraviolet method produces ozone. High-ozone ultraviolet lamps-produce 253.7nm ultraviolet rays while generating a large amount of ozone.

2. Alongside discharge method Plasma and ozone work together-air sterilizer

3. Discharge method The main ozone production technologies of the tube-type ozone generator are: electrolysis, nuclear radiation, ultraviolet, plasma and corona discharge.

4. Electrolysis method, electrolyze water into oxygen element, and then make free oxygen in it into ozone. If under pressure, higher concentration of ozone can be produced.

      Industrially, dry air or oxygen is used to produce silent discharge with 5~25kv AC voltage. In addition, ozone can be obtained by electrolyzing dilute sulfuric acid at low temperature or heating liquid oxygen.

      The concentration of ozone made with air is generally 4-10mg/L, and the concentration of ozone made with oxygen is 20-40mg/L. Air containing 1%-4% (mass ratio) ozone can be used for water disinfection.


Comparison of air source ozone generator and oxygen source ozone generator:

1. The air source ozone generator uses air as the source material to ionize 21% of the oxygen in the air, so it is called an air source.

2. Oxygen source The ozone generator uses oxygen as the source material to ionize pure oxygen, so it is called an oxygen source. However, the oxygen source is divided into an external oxygen source and a built-in oxygen source. There are some differences in product design.

The ozone generator of the oxygen source is different from the air source; the pure oxygen is first produced by the oxygen generator; then the pure oxygen is passed through the ozone tube high-pressure discharge to produce high-concentration ozone gas; Therefore, the oxygen source ozone generator is usually several times the concentration of the air source ozone generator.