The air purification effect of ozone in different spaces

Author:Ozonegreenplant Publish Time: 2020-10-09

Ozone has strong oxidizing power and sterilizing performance, and can be reduced to oxygen and water in the process of pollution control, disinfection, and sterilization, so there is no residue in the environment. Ozone can decompose harmful substances in the air and convert them into non-toxic by-products, effectively avoiding secondary pollution caused by residues.

When ozone is used in indoor air, it is used to directly mix ozone with indoor air or put ozone directly into indoor air, and use the strong oxidation effect of ozone to achieve the purpose of air purification.

1. Used for sterilization in hospitals

Hospitals are places where patients gather. The generation and spread of viruses and bacteria are relatively serious. In order to protect the health of patients and their families and avoid cross-infection, hospitals have strict sterilization procedures and systems. Among them, ultraviolet sterilization is one.

Ultraviolet sterilization is currently mainly used in important occasions such as operating rooms and sterile rooms, but its sterilization speed is slow, costly, and has dead ends. Ultraviolet rays can also harm human skin, so the use requirements are very strict. If ozone gas is used for disinfection, these shortcomings can be overcome.

Many hospitals have adopted ozone products. High-concentration ozone water is used for the washing of medical equipment and articles, which is also superior to medicine. The main reasons hindering the use of ozone products in hospitals are economic conditions (replacement of equipment requires funds) and established sterilization habits or regulations.

2. Bacteria disinfection in public places

Waiting rooms (ships, airplanes), movie theaters, stock exchanges, meeting rooms, banking rooms, hotels, dance halls, nightclubs, etc., are all places with a large flow of people. In addition to the more polluted air, the cross-infection of viruses and bacteria can affect People's health is a big threat, especially hepatitis B virus, cold virus, etc., which make people hard to guard against. And ozone has a larger market in the sterilization and disinfection of these public places.


3. Family disinfection

The family is the most directly related to human health. The human body's respiratory metabolism, the escape of bathroom odor, and the interior decoration and decoration of the living room will bring all kinds of pollutants into the room, seriously polluting the air environment of the room. In addition, the popularization of air conditioners has improved the airtightness of the rooms, which not only restricts the exchange of indoor and outdoor air, but also leads to the proliferation of bacteria and viruses. More importantly, stubborn pollution such as formaldehyde and benzene caused by home decoration seriously threatens human health.

Therefore, it is necessary to use ozone to purify the room air. As a green, broad-spectrum and high-efficiency disinfectant, ozone can not only effectively kill bacteria and peculiar smells in the air, but also can clean formaldehyde and other forms without dead ends at 360 degrees and decompose them into carbon dioxide and water. With oxygen, the released ozone will also be automatically reduced to oxygen after 30 minutes, and there is no chemical residue. The current leader in the field of air evolution-the ecological negative ion air purifier, has a special ozone system that makes ozone very effective in the home.

4. Sterilization in special places

The use of ozone purification in some special places cannot be ignored. For example, in military and some special cabins (space cabins, diving cabins, tank cabins, ambulance cabins), high-efficiency ozone generators can be installed to purify the dirty air in the cabins, eliminate odors, and eliminate Bacteria disinfection.

It can be seen that ozone has a wide range of applications and great effects in air purification, and it has very broad development prospects.